First boot- No Monitor Signal

I switched the ram- and unbolted all bolts that weren't on brass. fyi.
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  1. So put together my computer today.

    In my opinion I put everything together as I should have, however when I booted up, the monitor had no signal. The fans, video card, dvdrw mouse, keyboard, etc seemed to work. I'm not sure about the hd since i wouldn't know how to check it, but the monitor surely has no signal. I put the windows 7 cd in and the dvdrw read it and boosted up the sound meaning it was reading and maybe trying to install however the monitor had no sig.

    I do not want to tear about the computer again, but i will, If i have to.

    here are the hardware specs if necessary.

    cpu - amd athlon II x4 630
    mobo- gigabyte ma78lm-s2h
    memory- patriot 4gb ddr2-800
    hd- seagate 1tb barracuda 7200
    optical- samsung sh-s223c
    chasis- thermaltake v3
    powersupply- coolermaster rs-460
    video- radeon hd 5770
    win7 pro. not installed yet.

    please help .
  2. there is also no beep when the computer starts. I don't know what this means.
  3. new piece of information. I hooked a lcd-tv through the dvi on the video card and it displayed the loadup screen on the tv, I discoonected the monitor and reconnected and now both screen are not showinganything again. does this isolate any problems?
  4. No beep either means the system did not POST or you do not have a system speaker installed.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Don't just read the steps. Work through the checklist and troubleshooting steps.

    And you might think about a better power supply. CoolerMaster does nice work with cases, but their PSU's? I wouldn't put a CM PSU into your computer. :)
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