Best GPU for Q6600 and 19" screen

Hey guys,

I'm currently running a rig with an Intel Q6600, an Geforce 8600GT with 512MB RAM and 4GB RAM for the computer.
I can still run many games on medium to high settings but I would like to upgrade the GPU in order to get better performance and to prepare for future games that get more and more graphically intense.
I'm using a 19" screen so I don't need to push resolutions past 1440x900 and I need something that wouldn't get bottlenecked by the rest of the components.

What would be your recommendations? I'm not looking for bleeding edge graphics, just a nice bump up and the ability to play games that come out during the next few years without having to upgrade anything but my GPU (Though I'd consider upgrading my PSU if I had to)

Thanks in advance!
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    hd5770 :) what PSU do you have btw?
  2. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I have a Thermeltake TR2RX-450PP (I believe that means it's 450W, though correct me if I'm wrong).
    Also, could you explain why you would recommend that card? I'm new to the GPU scene and am trying to learn as much as I can :)
  3. Some more questions:

    I don't have any special kind of cooling in my box (beyond the usual fans). Will the 5770 run cool enough or will I have to look into a better cooling solution?

    Also, can anyone tell me if the TR2RX-450PP is a good enough PSU? It meets the recommended 450w but I know nothing about it's quality... would I get better performance with a better quality/higher wattage PSU?

    Thanks in advance (again)!
  4. well i would beleive that your PSU could run it because i have a OC'ed 5850 on a 500w.

    no you dont need any extra cooling, its a cool graphics card :)

    you wont get better performance with a higher wattage PSU. but having a too weak PSU may cause instability or system wont boot at all.
  5. That PSU is fine. Thermaltake PSU's are generally solid. At 450W, you will have no trouble running a 5770 for sure, and you could probably even run a 5850 or 5870 on it as well.
    A 5770 is your best bet. You could go up to a 5850, and it would be fine, but you would need to OC your CPU pretty good to really get the most out of it. A 5750 is not enough cheaper than the 5770 to make it worth it, and the 5670 is not powerful enough for the type of gaming performance I'm guessing you want. The 5770 is really the price/performance king right now it the range that will fit your CPU best. You obviously don't want to go with a previous generation card, as DX11 will be getting more and more prominent over the next few years.

    As for cooling, you should be fine. The 5770 is not a hot card, especially since its so low on power usage and stuff. No need for extra cooling.
  6. Thanks so much for the responses!
    Only question I really have left is... which one should I get? They all look the same to me :/
    Also, should I get one now without fear that it'll go down in price within the next week or so?
  7. RIght now, its probably mostly about the best price from one of the reasonable brands. From that list from Newegg, I would either get the HIS for $150, or the XFX for $160 (double lifetime warranty might be worth the extra $10).
  8. Ok, one more question just to clear up something for me.
    My motherboard does not have a PCIe 2.0 slot, only PCIe 16x. From what I understand that means that it allows for less bandwidth, but at the same time most cards do not reach that amount of bandwidth.
    My question is, will the HD5770 work correctly with a regular PCIe slot, or will it get bottlenecked by the bandwidth limitations?
  9. it will work just fine, you may loose 1% of performance but that isnt significant :D i have my 5850 in a pci-e x16 and its working very well :)
  10. By the way that Q6600 is no slouch by any means being a 3 year old processor it games very good. It will OC to 3000 mhz and is rock stable.
  11. True about the Q6600...except that I have the version that doesn't allow overclocking :(
    Didn't know that when I bought it :P
  12. A version that doesn't allow OCing? You can OC any CPU- it just depends on the Mobo and BIOS. You may not be able to change the multiplier, but changing the base clock to increase your CPU clock is totally possible on pretty much ANY CPU, as long as your BIOS has that option. And yes- the 5770 will work perfectly well in a PCI-e 1.0 slot (acts like a PCI-e 2.0 x8 slot) 5770 shouldn't bottleneck with that PCI-e bandwidth.
  13. HD 5670 should be enough. But HD 5770 if you wanna max all your games.
  14. 5670 will require lowering detail settings and things like that a bit even at 1440x900
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  16. 5670 should run most of the games at 1440x900 at high/very high settings smoothly.

    The message is clear, if you can live with slightly reduced details in some games go with 5670. If not go for 5750/5770.
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