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hey guys just a quick question im using a wd 1tb sata hdd in my system ive just built and was previously using drive as usb mass storage now ive put it on-board was just wondering using window 7 64-bit in the drive settings ive enabled the rite caching shud i check the box that says turn off write cache buffer flushing?

i intend to leave this drive as an internal on-board drive will i gain perfomance if i choose to do this and if so wat are the risks?

thanks guys any help will be much appreciated cheers
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  1. If you are now using it as an internal drive, turn on write caching. Windows will be a little more responsive - better performance. The only risk is if the power fails during a disk write, but this would hamper the drive anyhow, so it's a wash.
  2. cheers mate but do i checck the second box bout underneath write cachin that says "turn on write cache buffer flushing too?
  3. It's got mixed reviews. Turn it offand see if you notice a difference. personally, I'd leave it on.

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