Will this power supply work?

Hey guys, new guy here

title says all so how bout i just post the parts up and you guys give me a yay or nay? additional comments are welcome (besides of stupid ones). also, if it works... how much of a "watts gap" will i have?

OCZ 700MXSP 700 Watts ModXStream Pro Power Supply

Hard drive:
Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 3.5 Inch, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM SATA II WD5000AAKS

Case (doesnt really matter right, besides of FF?)
Cooler Master Elite 310 ATX, MATX Mid Tower Case with Window RC-310-SWN1-GP (Black/Silver)

Ram (might add more):
Corsair XMS3 4 GB PC3-12800 1600Mhz Dual Channel Core i3 i5 i7 DDR3 Memory Kit CMX4GX3M2A1600C9

Intel Core i5 750 Processor 2.66 GHz 8 MB LGA1156 CPU I5-750BOX

EVGA P55 SLI Mainboard 132-LF-E655-KR

Video Card:
EVGA Nvidia GTX 480 (crazy? i know!)

DVD drive:
Samsung SH-S222L/BEBS Internal Half Height Supermulti PATA 22X Lightscribe DVD-Writable Drive

anything i missed that i need? (floppy shloppy)


Video card? RAM? all I know is part+part=2 parts together!
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  1. Yes everything will work, you could add an aftermarket cooler such as the CM 212+

    I suggest not getting the GTX480 and instead going with the HD 5870 it is a better card, however I am guessing you are a fanboy....
  2. Best answer
    I would recommend you to change that PSU. Here you have some much better alternatives for powering your GTX480:

    THERMALTAKE Toughpower XT 775W (by CWT)


    CORSAIR HX750 (by CWT)

    XFX XPS Black Edition 750W (by SEASONIC)


    SEASONIC X-SERIES 750 (by SEASONIC itself)
  3. hahaha
    i can try to convince you that i am not a nvidia fanboy... but that conversa'tion may never end...
    ooh thanks chinaski! that is extremely helpful!
  4. Haha =], Good Luck!
  5. +1 to Henry. Also change out the HDD for a Spinpoint F3

    You could fill out the form in my signature for more help, as well.
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