How do i know what drive my usb cable is plugged into?

i am trying to format an hdd and i don't know how to tell what drive my usb cable is plugged into. I can't format it without entering what drive it is formatting. Please help!
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  1. It would be whatever drive letter was not there before you plugged it in. I take you are are asking about what drive letter it is? Would not be the C drive, and would not be the DVD drive letter.
  2. I agree. Easiest way is to open My Computer. Plug in the HDD and watch for it to populate in there with an external drive heading.
  3. also when your formatting the drive you can give it a name which will help identifying it in the future. ex. External Drive or External Backup something like that
    the name of your drive will appear in every computer you attach it to.
  4. If you click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the notification area of the Taskbar, it will list the names of your USB drives and their drive letters.
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