Xp on an infinite installing loop


My computer has become slow and sluggish so I am trying to install windows xp (Dell OEM) on my computer i used to have the home edition.

It seems to install until i get to the languages section of the install i have tried custom settings and the standard settings bit it stiil fails to install.

I then thought i would cancel the install but when i turned my computer off and then back on it asks for the xp disc and so the process of installing to the languages begins again, its on an infinite loop. It actually says completing installation then loops again.

I have tried doing this whilst connected to the net and not connected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I would consider that your hard drive may be failing. Often a computer noticably slowing is an indication of that (among other things). I would suggest a new hard drive to do your installation - at least that would be my approach.
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