Will 5850 work in my system?

Here is my system:

q6700 quad core @ 2.66ghz

My current card is fried and I am upgrading. I won't have any obvious bottlenecks will I?
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  1. No you should be fine,Q6700 may be old but its still a good CPU.
  2. In most applications, you'll be fine. In games/apps that only use two cores, you'll get a slight bottleneck due to the lower clockspeed. Overclock your CPU and you should be fine.
  3. Overclock it a bit and you'll be pretty darn golden. multi-threaded games that will use more than 2 cores will be fine, but with 1 or 2 cores utilized at 2.66 GHz you'll be a little bottlenecked. You should easily be able to OC far enough to remove that bottleneck though.
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