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I am trying to monitor my CPU temperature and I'm seeing a large discrepancy in the reported readings from CPUID Hardware Monitor and Speedfan. Please take a look at this screenshot:

CPUID Hardware Monitor is reporting Core #1 as 85C while Speedfan says the temperature is 51C.

Does anyone know why they would have such high variations in the readings? All the other readings seem to be very close/the same.
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  1. I use CoreTemp99 and CPUID Hardware monitor - they show the same temps (but CoreTemp99 sits in the tray with a constant display). You really need to improve your airflow: either better cable management to allow better airflow with your existing fans, or add another fan.
  2. Interesting. I tried Core Temp and it's showing the same numbers as CPUID Hardware Monitor but the cores are reversed:

    CPUID Hardware Monitor
    Core #0 - 54C
    Core #1 - 62C

    Core Temp
    Core #0 - 61C
    Core #1 - 53C

    I know I need to work on the airflow inside my system. Ambient temperature around 25C isn't helping either.

    I'm just curious as to which temperature reading I should believe. Core Temp/CPUID Hardware Monitor vs. Speedfan. Also, I've noticed one core always run hotter than the other. Normally 5-10C idle but up to 15-20C difference under load. What could be causing that?
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