Integrated intel gma x4500 graphics dimmensions

I have recently confirmed my suspisons of this thing absoloutly sucking on this site and I was wondering if anyone happened to know the dimmensions so that I can buy a new one without ripping my computer apart and pulling out a tape measure I want dimmensions as a cube please nVidia gives those but intel I have scoured their site and apperently they are embarrased about it for it is impossible to find please dimmensions

My computer is an Inspiron 537 slim tower desktop with Intel Pentium dual-core E5300 processor and the only problem is the graphics card so I would like someone to tell me the dimmensions if possible so I can replace it with a better one

It has a 120 volt power supply (Im just assuming because the cord doesnt go through a transformer) and I have no clue what the motherboard is maybe there is only one kind for the Inspiron 537
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  1. Seeing as the Intel gma x4500 is integrated, its physically part of the motherboard and is impossible to pull out without some SERIOUS modding, and I don't even know where you could begin with that. If you need better graphics on your notebook, you pretty much have to buy a new one. If you tell us what your notebook is, we may be able to find out if it can even take a discrete mobility GPU. But yeah- most likely, you'll need a new notebook to improve your graphics.

    Edit: I guess I was assuming it was a notebook, but if its not, we can help, but we need to know more about your system.
  2. Integrated graphics is an on board solution, we need to know what type of case, motherboard and power supply you have to determine what size graphics card will fit your machine.
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