How should I customize my current pc?

I am wondering of ways i can customize my current Alienware Aurora R5 cpu, right now It has 4GB RAM which I intend to keep, an Nvidia Geforce 9600gt graphics card which I really want to change, and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ dual core processor which i want to upgrade. I dont want tobuy something to then find out that it will not work with my pc which is why i am asking the community. Help me please!
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  1. i think my motherboard is an intel x58 ictoatx,my monitor resolution is 1280 X 1024 and my power supply is 875 watts
  2. *microatx
  3. Your motherboard definitely isn't x58.

    With your lack of knowledge your better off buying a new premade again.
  4. daship said:
    Your motherboard definitely isn't x58.

    With your lack of knowledge your better off buying a new premade again.

    Yes because the rest of us we're born with this knowledge. We've all got to start somewhere.
    First you need to do a lot of research into your current system. You wont have an Intel x58 Motherboard with an AMD CUP for starters.
    To find out exactly what is in your current PC, you can open her up. This will help you to identify the motherboard and PSU.
    To find out the CPU download and run the CPUz tool. This will also help to identify your RAM.
    Your Graphics card can be confirmed using the similar GPUz tool. Both available from a quick Google.

    Check out the System Builders guides on Toms. There are plenty of guides on just about every aspect of making and upgrading a computer.
  5. ct1615 said:
    speccy will tell you what hardware you have

    omg this really worked, right i will tell you all of my computer specs

    CPU:AMD Athlon X2 5800+
    Motherboard:ASUSTek M3A32-MV Deluxe
    RAM:4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 200MHz
    Graphics Card:512MB Nvidia GeForce 9600 EVGA
    Monitor:Dell 1708FP 1280 X 1024

    I dont think the hard or optical drives really matter.

    Can you please tell how i can upgade my computer now that I know my motherboard model?
  6. OP..ct1615 has it on the head there, couldn't say it better, also a nice project if you have nevr done anything like this before.. I would recommend doing some planning and reading up first though so you know exactly what you need to do to swap out CPU and GPU.

    @ct, love speccy, deployed frequently, along with ccleaner and defraggler, nice to see someone else approving it!
  7. Paint it Orange. :whistle:
  8. first of all, lol to zoinks, and second, thanks for the suggestions as they will really help towards my pick :D
  9. i don't think an ati radeon 5750 will work because the pci-e on my geforce is 2.0 but the ati has a 2.1
  10. in fact i just read that it would work so i think im fine with the 5750 cheers guys :)
  11. ive decided to get the AMD Phenom II hex core processor because it is extremely powerful and a very good price, I also picked it because ct1615 said a phenoms will work. I might look into an even better graphics card option but right now the ATI 5750 soudn really good. Thanks for all the help everyone
  12. im buying all my parts from scan because it was reccomended by a friend who i helped build his pc. This is the graphics card i am thinking of getting because it covers my price budget and looks extremely good.
  13. my power supply is over 800w
  14. I think it is this number but I could be wrong because nothing will tell me about my computers power supply and i'm only going by the information on the alienware website where my computer was built.
  15. all the alienware discussions and customers say that the psu is 875 watts, so what would be the best graphics card for about £150?
  16. k thx
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