Help me PLEASE!

I recently bought a new motherboard it's a AsRcok N68C-S-UCC The reason I bought this because it is VERY cheap, has DDR2 + DDR3 RAM slots, and has UCC.

But when I wired up My computer was working good, but I had some BSOD's I think it was to do wit the instant boot feature. Anyway, I pressed the reset switch on my case, and I think I damaged the motherboard, and I blew my PSU, I oredered a new one which was not sent out, then I was given a high wattage one for their mistakes, and I wire the new PSU to the motherboard, but it was not working, so I took it all out tried the 1 stick of RAM, and 2 different CPU's nd RAM sticks, but still it wont fireup, but the fans spin around about 1 rev, and that's it, PLEASE help me!
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  5. MB manual>BIOS>how to rset BIOS to default using CMOS jumper. Be sure to unplug the system and remove the battery when resetting the jumper. Also, you might try reseating the Ram and video card and unplug everything esle including the optical drive, hard drive, case fans etc and bench test the CPU and MB to get to BIOS.
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  8. Sorry for the frustrations, most people simply don't know what the problem is or how to correct it only 2% of them reply, 98% look and that won't change anytime soon.

    It seems like your MOBO is shorting on a standoff or I/O shield. I suggest, simple way, unscrew all of the mounting screws, and dangle MOBO away from the I/O supported on a towel and try starting. If none of the fans are spinning: verify 4/8-pin CPU, 24-pin main, and ??-pin if any on the GPU.

    Failure, try a different PSU, and pull the GPU and any thing connected plus 1 stick of RAM

    Failure it's either the CPU or MOBO. If the CPU fan is not spinning chances are MOBO, otherwise CPU more than likely.
  9. I have tried a new CPU the fans still slightly spin then stop, PSU is OK it's powering my old mobo.

    And yes I have put the mobo on a towel and dont all that crap.
  10. Pull ALL of the header wires, mouse, Keyboard, anything USB, PCIe cards, etc. Use a screwdriver the short the PW+/PW-. I've seen USB KB/mouse with shorts do this, especially if you have a pet cat or dog. Something is shorting-out.
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  14. When I press the switch with one stick of RAM tried two CPU's the fans slightly turn then stop.
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    Since you've replaced everything, and disconnected everything as I've suggested - that leaves the RAM. A blown PSU can take out anything attached to it including: GPU, CPU, MOBO, RAM, you name it.
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