GTX 285 SLI & 3 Monitors

I'm getting really into photography and would love to work on 3 monitors.

I'm thinking about getting 3 2209 IPS monitors from Dell Outlet (229 each).

My question is how can I hook these up to my computer and use them?

I have GTX 285 SLI w/Core i7 920 with 6gb ram.

I don't really want to game on all three at the same time, but would like to every once in a while (LFD2, TF2)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Oh, yes.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is how SLI affects "standard apps (PS, etc.)", when it comes to multiple displays.

    What I am saying is that ... I am ABSOLUTELY certain that you can run up to 4 mons on those two cards IF THEY ARE *NOT* SLI'd ... Nvidia drivers (and Win7 Native!) will find any nVidia cards and let you "gang" displays in a number of ways.

    . . . I am also saying that I am NOT AT ALL certain how the SLI connection effects the multi-monitor options in a non-gaming environment. I would very much like to know this!

    It IS really nice to have the extra screen real-estate when working with bins of thumbnails and navigating directories (on the side) while working with graphics or video or music timelines, etc, in the main (2xDisplay) workspace, etc. ... Any sort of content creation workflow will benefit greatly by use of more display space.

    = No Brainer =
  2. So I would just hook all three up to the DVI ports and disable SLI...
    Enable sli and game on the middle monitor?
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