Is this enough power?

hi im building a new computer and need to know if the psu is sufficient

the build is
CPU: Core i5 750, 2.66GHz, s1156, 8MB Tray

Fans & Cooler: Scythe Mugen II Rev.b 5 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler s1156/s1366

M.BOARD: ASUS P7P55D s1156 Core i5/i7, Intel P55, DDR3 1600, 2xPCI-E

MEMORY: DDR III 1600Mhz 2x2GB Mushkin Redline Series Dual Channel CL6-8-6-24

HARD DISK: Samsung 1TB EcoGreen F3 1TB 32MB Sata II HD105SI


OPTICAL WRITERS: Sony Optiarc AD-5240S DVD±RW x24 Black Sata

CASE: CoolerMaster HAF922 ATX Black Case (No PSU)

POWER SUPPLY: seasonic 520W Modular 80+ Bronze Active PFC 12cm Fan M12II-520

MONITORS: ASUS MS226H 21.5 Inch LCD 2ms DVI HDMI WideScreen Black

SPEAKERS: Logitech Z323 2.1 Speaker System

now i plan to overclock the gpu as high as i possibly can, which from reading about the gpu is about 1ghz, as well as overclock the cpu to about 3.6, if i can maybe higher

will the 520 watt psu be enough?
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  1. at stock the Seasonic 520w will handle it but with all that OC, i would grab the 620w version just for the added head room. Antec also sells a single rail 520/620w PSU made by seasonic. I think its $5-10 if money is an issue.
  2. i can get a 620w from seasonic thats also modular for about 10$ more

    just a q, how bad is cable management with a psu that isnt modular?
  3. raif89 said:
    how bad is cable management with a psu that isnt modular?

    depends on the the person who installs the PSU :na:

    modular is nice but far from a necessity and if your case has cable management holes then it makes it even easier.
  4. i would say definitely go for the 620w version-modularity is just a plus :)
  5. raif89 said:

    just a q, how bad is cable management with a psu that isnt modular?

    Also depends on the case. I have Antec 900 cases. I drill a few extra holes in the bottom of the case under the lower drive cage and tie the unused cables down.
  6. well ill be using a haf922 so im guessing theres good cable management
  7. The HAF is a good choice.
  8. ok now will a 620w psu handle a second directCu also overclocked, or will i need a bigger psu?
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