GeForce 8500GT & GeForce 9600GT

Hi there

I currently have a 8500GT within my pc and i would like to know

how many watts does the 9600GT use and how many watts does the 8500GT use?

I'm asking because I'm trying to see if I'm going to have to buy a larger power supply to support the 9600GT
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  1. Love your avatar, Bleach is awesome.


    The 9600GT uses 83Watts of power, or something like that, which requires a 6-pin. I wouldn't put that with a PSU under 19A on the 12v rail.
  2. the 9600GT uses a bit more power than the 8600GT, which is probably a bit more than the 8500GT, though I had trouble finding anywhere that had similar tests with numbers for both 9600 and 8500 so I could get comparable numbers (they all did total system draw with different systems). What is your PSU now? You may need a little more for a 9600GT, but your current PSU might be enough.
  3. Well at the moment I have a 450 Watt PSU which is working 100%, just don't know if it will still be able to work that fine if I swap my 8500GT with a 9600GT in its place.

    The current hardware I have in my pc is
    CPU: Dual-Core E5200 @ 2.50Ghz
    Motherboard: Eletegroup G31
    RAM: 1 x 1GB DDR2
    Hard Drives: 1 x 250GB SATA & 1 x 500GB SATA
    Graphics card: GeForce 8500GT 1024mb
    CD/DVD Rom: 1 x DVD RW PATA

    My system case also has 3 fans, 1 x 80mm LED fan along with 2 x 120mm LED fans.

    Basically I listed everything in the case that consumes power that I could think off quickly that makes a difference.

    Please give me your opinions on if it will work if I swap the 8500 with the 9600 or do you think I need more then a 450 watts psu?

    thanks :)
  4. You'd be more than fine with that 450Watt PSU. You could also get an HD5750 or an HD5770 to swap with your 9600GT, the both of which you could put in that PSU.

    Incidentally, is that an OEM PSU or a PSU you bought separately? If it's an OEM, the max I'd go is an HD5750. If it's a reputable brand like Corsair/Antec/PCPowerAndCooling/etc, then you'd be fine.
  5. +1 to Shadow- a good quality 450W will be plenty for your system with a 9600, or even something more powerful. The 5670 is faster and still uses about the same power as the 9600GT as well. The 5750 or 5770 are faster still, and should still be totally acceptable on that PSU.
  6. thanks you guys that really helps :)

    but are you guys sure?? I mean are you sure those cards will work considering my my system case fans and all my other hardware. Not sure how much power system case fans use though =/
  7. Case fans use nothing compared to the hardware. Not worth factoring in, unless you are running several dozen.
  8. Case fans aren't much, LED case fans are a little more, but still not that much power draw. You'll be fine.
  9. Oh, I didn't know that xD just learned something new, thanks you guys :) you've been a great help. I'll put in the 9600
  10. Just for future reference regarding wattage or amperage requirements of video cards, you can consult the charts found here:

    It covers every card made in the last 5 years or so. It can get a little tough to read when things overlap, but down below the charts there are links to reviews for each card model.

    You can use it to safely find replacement cards by finding the card you currently have, then finding others in it's wattage range. By doing so you should not have a problem when using any of them. It's quite the resource.
  11. Razbery- very nice chart- I've not seen that one before. :-)
  12. Oh I save that for special occasions... :)
  13. Lol. Its pretty snazzy. Looks like my old 4870 used more power than both of my 5750s put together, though I knew that already. Still pretty cool to see:-)
  14. 5750's barely need the PCIe cable. 4870's need two :)

    And yeah, I go to it often when recommending things. I don't share it all that much, though do I have some rather aged posts where I cited it a few times. Most of the time it serves as my Trump card when some idiot's claiming some BS wattage and amperage figures :)
  15. yeah- thats a good call:-)
  16. Actually, HD5750's don't even need it. You'd have to be running Furmark to hit 75 watts.
  17. They still might not even hit 75W, but still- I don't think they'll run without the connector.
  18. Ah well, what's the worst that could happen? Nuclear reactor under your desk?
  19. Oh I've seen that card before, I have it saved on my pc, except mine is worse quality, I saved yours now, now I have it in better quality ^^ thanks Razbery it helps a lot
  20. did you get the 9600 in there and working?
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