I have had this MB for about a year and it crashes when ever I put in the 8 gigs of memory sticks I have. Before anyone thinks it is a memory problem Kingston replaced all the memory and they are 4 new (2 gigs each) sticks. It works fine if I just use two sticks at a time, but when ever I install all 4 sticks it starts crashing in some games and sometimes I get a message that windows manager stopped working. No idea what to do. I guess it is a problem with the MB. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. First thing I would try is relaxing the timings on the ram or run them at a lower clock.
  2. Some what of a newb for tech stuff. Have no idea how to relax the timing and as as far as over clocking, I never mess with that. :) Thanks for the reply rollli59. :)
  3. Enter BIOS and find dram configuration.
  4. Well, you might have found my problem. The Dram setting was set to 'turbo'. I guess that is the default setting. I never changed that.
    I dialed it down to 'standard' and am crossing my fingers that was the problem all along.

    Will report back in a week or so if I don't have any crashes. :)

    Thanks again!
  5. Hope that works, often when all slots are populated ram needs a slight reduction in clock speed for stability.
  6. No joy sir.
    Still crashing. :( Other ideas? Anything else I can check or change in the BIOS?
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