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I have re booted my computer several times as I am unable to access Internet because I clicked on safe mode and have not been able to get it back to normal. I did click on Start, Run Ok and typed in MSCONFIG it shows normal ticked, what else can I do? If I click on the ninemsn as home page, it just shows up everything available on the MSN site down the left hand side of the page. Should I click on launch system restore or am I going to create another problem by doing this?
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  1. When the computer boots and it goes to the Windows Advanced Options Menu (which appears if the computer is turned off unexpectedly) there should be three options for Safe Mode, one that says Start Windows Normally, and one that says Last Known Good Configuration.

    Have you tried using Last Known Good Configuration?
    If not, push the power button in on your computer in question and hold it until the computer shuts completely off (may take about 5-10 seconds). After it's completely off, turn it back on and see if this menu comes up. If it doesn't, wait for the BIOS flash screen and then start pressing F8 on your keyboard once every 2 seconds. It should come up to the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
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