LAN consists of six workgroup switches and four routers (and
no hubs). The workgroup switches are distributed one to a floor in the ConnectSpree
building, there are four departments they are not on the same floor as the rest of their departments. The
four internal servers are located with the routers in one data room on
the first floor. H0w would they be physically connected switches, routers, and servers, plus a few
workstations from each department.
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  1. The network’s PHYSICAL topology is only a means to enforce some LOGICAL design/intent. But you’ve provided NOTHING in terms of design/intent. So it’s really an impossible question to answer.

    For example, “workgroup A must have access to workgroup B, but not workgroups C and D. Meanwhile, server A must be available to all workgroups except workgroup D, and server B is only available to workgroups B and C. All workgroups except workgroup A need Internet access”. Yada, yada.

    See what I mean? You’ve simply dumped a bunch of equipment and said “hook it up”. I can’t until you explain IN DETAIL the intent, the rules.

    The best I can do right now is make some assumptions. If we assume each workgroup is to be segregated from all other workgroups, and each workgroup has its own server (and unavailable outside its respective workgroup), and all workgroups should have internet access, then here’s what you could do.

    One router is designated the primary router and connected to your ISP (WAN). Each department has its own router that creates its own subnet and feeds into the primary router (WAN to LAN, respectively). Each router is connected back to its department switch (LAN to LAN). And each department’s server is likewise connected over to its respective router (LAN to LAN). Within each department, each workstation is connected to its respective switch (LAN to LAN). Result? Total isolate of each department and its server from all other departments and their respective servers, yet everyone has Internet access.

    Now of course this was a logical design of my own making. Your intentions may be completely different. And that’s what I was driving at in my opening comments. Tell me the intent, I’ll give you the physical network topology to enforce it.
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