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I have a 1 tb drive that i want to put into a usb 3.0 enclosure to use for backups. I don't need anything fancy. When I look on newegg, there are alot, but as I go through one after another has lousy reviews. It is hard to tell, since people are more likely to complain than they are to post a good review if they like the product.

I don't want to spend enough money. Just something good enough for backups and to use for a recovery if anything goes wrong. I use Acronis 2011 for my backups.
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  1. If it is a desktop you can mount your drive internally and use it as backup only drive.
  2. i know. i want an external drive.
  3. I've had good luck with Vantec. I have these below. I know they are USB2.0/eSATA, but I don't have USB3.0 and I use the eSATA ports. Anyhow, have a look at Vantec.
  4. Here is the general rule - External enclosure must be metal, where is steel or aluminum. It just for the heat withdraw from the HDD, so you can have a reliable storage.

    USB2.0 is too slow... If you can look at this enclosure.

    It is not cheap but I'm very happy with it.
  5. I'm doing the same search. This one looks pretty nice (it's a bit cheaper on Amazon) ... but there are no reviews, good or bad:
  6. For $15.00 more, the eSU3F8 is more cost, versatile effective...

    Dual interface: USB3.0/eSATA versus Penta: USB2.0/USB3.0/FireWire400/800 and eSATA

    Non Scratch SATA connector is the key for eSU3F8
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