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Ok, so i kno i already asked this...will the Zalman CNPS 9900A CPU cooler fit my ASUS Essentio CG5275-AR003 motherboard with LGA1156 socket??? Im using an Antec 902 case also...please help to see if u think the cooler will fit appropriately

but now i got pics.
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  1. Tape measure: £2.25
    CNPS 9900A: £37.50
    Not being able to fit a cooler you just bought into a case: Priceless
  2. nah i measured....seems it will fit for only being 3.76in long...
    i kno it will fit in the case, i want to kno if it will fit on the MB w/o interfereing with other components
  3. okay lol, well in that case i would just lower it in slowly and see if it touches anything on the mb or your ram

    looks like the CNPS 9900A has quite a bit of clearance anyway
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    it will fit
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  6. thanks for your answers...only way to find out now is to order the thing and try it out
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