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I just built a more budget computer i designed for gaming, but have been interested in the Adobe Suite for quite awhile and have gotten decently comfortable with it :). :lol:

Anyways I only have 4GB RAM in my PC (2x2). I was thinking when I got some more RAM I could do 4x4 for a total of 12GB, keep the dual channel and get more RAM out of it (Instead of another 2x2). Then I thought some more and i realized that this might stop me from having dual channel....

So can I have 2x2x4x4 and stay in dual channel? I know the benefits are small(er), but I was just curious...

My (Budget) Build:
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
MSI 870-G45
AMD Athlon II x3 445 (Planning on a OC and haven't tried unlocking)
4GB G. Skill Ripjaw Series 1600
64GB Kingston SSD (200 MB/s)
1 TB 7200 RPM HDD
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  1. As far as I'm aware (might be wrong here) you need to have the same amount of RAM in each channel.

    No idea about todays machines.. but around 4 years ago I was told I could have a 2GB stick and two 1GB sticks in dual channel as long as they were set out over my 4 DIMM slots like so:

    1GB | 1GB | 2GB | Empty

    Not sure if this still applies, and if you could have..

    4GB | 2GB | 4GB | 2GB

    Anyone know what I'm talking about? lol
  2. The RAM would need to be populated as 4-2-4-2; same size RAM in same color slots.
  3. The 'instruction manual' (For lack of better words) says they have to be next to each other for dual channel.

    DIMM 1/2 Are the same color
    DIMM 3/4 Are the same color

    So I would:

    DIMM 1: 4GB
    DIMM 2: 2GB
    DIMM 3: 4GB
    DIMM 4: 2GB??
  4. If he's buying a 2x4GB pack anyway he might as well have it all in the machine and have a sexy 12GB :D I know I would :$.
  5. I don't need 12GB... Just wanted :lol:

    Never had any problems filling the RAM slots, but after reading malmental's posts I did some digging and found that having all the DIMM slots filled can cause issues... I didn't need the 12GB, was just wondering if that was possible :).

    Would things work out better if I just upgraded to another set of 2x2? I don't want to get rid of the 2x2 yet as the system is almost brand new and the 4GB is serving me well at the moment.

    Maybe in a year when I plan on replacing the CPU/Mobo (For Sandy/Bulldozer after they both come out and show which actually run faster) I will replace my RAM with bigger sets.
  6. True :).

    I was just curious if it was possible (The different quantities), and if it was would there be any problems and you seemed to have answered both questions.

    Thanks for the help!
  7. Thanks :)
  8. It's just me.. if I CAN put more into my system.. I will. It's a slow way of spending A LOT of money lol. I have a £1200 rig that's cost me £3500 because I've upgraded it slowly.. and instead of getting say a new M/B with faster RAM, I just buy more RAM lol. I believe I'm now at a point where only SSD would help speeds.. aside from a whole new build.

    Anyway gidgidgidgidididddd (something like that) you've already got a nice machine, and 12GB RAM probably wouldn't give you much of an edge on anything unless you're rendering video all day.

    I have 8GB of RAM and VERY rarely get past 50% usage. In a couple of games it pushes 60%.. but like now.. I have music playing, MSN and emails open, this forum open (in several tabs) and I'm at 28% utilised.
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