Hard drive is recognized by windows but not accessible


I recently had a delayed write failure on a my book essential 2tb usb 3.0/2.0 external. I removed it from the enclosure to hook up via sata. Windows recognizes the disk but in disk management it shows up as unknown & says the drive is not initiated. I desperately need to recover the data on this so a format is out of the question. Any possible way that i can get the system to read this drive correctly? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Ps: OS is windows xp btw. And i've read around the forum and have noticed a few others with this problem. But for the sake of data preservation i await someone who can give me a specific answer to my question.
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  1. Maybe a data recovery software can help so try GOOGLE for a free solution or somebody will pop in here that has used one.
  2. stupid me initialized the drive so i guess i will be needing a recommendation on software lol.
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