How does iNTEL core Quad 8200s compare to intel i3 540 process

Could some one help on this one.
Ihave heard thtathe quad processors have been stopped by Intel due to performance issues.

Please advise.


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  1. they should be pretty similar in multithreaded performance but in less threaded apps and power consumption the i3 will hands down beat it
  2. Another vote for i3, and the i3 overclocks like a beast.
  3. Yes, I have an i3 530 OC'd to 4.1 and it is blazing fast. As far as gaming goes the i3 beats the crap out of any Core2 chip. Every gaming benchmark I have ever seen with a core2 quad is considerably slower than my i3. Also, the core2 series is on an old platform, the i3 is future proof because up the road you can buy an i7 and drop it into the motherboard. With the Q8200 there isn't much room to upgrade.
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