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Hi there, and once again i came for a help of you guys, hope to be in the right place, so i have 2 questions, but first the problem, i have both a few days ago an USB mixer table, but unfortunately... when i have connect the mixer did not work, after a few tests to know where was the conflict, i discover that is the driver of my webcam, not the webcam by it self but the driver doesn't matter if the webcam is connect on the computer or not, as long the drivers are install the table doesn't work, so here is my first question, there is any way, or program that can disable or isolate the webcam's drivers? So that i can use the mixer without having always to uninstall the drivers?
So that is my frist question, but here goes my second question, my webcam, is an Logitech QuickC am communicate stx both in 2006, old I know but still doing a great job, but I listen that the new webcam the recent ones now the drivers are plug and play, and for what I know drivers plug and play normally don’ create any conflict at all, is that true?
In advance thank you for any help you can give me on this new headache.
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  1. Did you already try updated drivers from the Logitech website?
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