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I recently received from one of my siblings a Presario 1920 with a 331407001 dock. Thing is, the LAN port on the back of the dock doesn't seem to want to recognize my internet connection. I have DSL and a LinkSys 4 port Wireless Router. I recently installed Windows XP Pro. I looked around for drivers and can't find any...anywhere...any suggestions?
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  1. Gotta ask some q's first :)
    Do you have another comp plugged into that router that does have internet? (probably a stupid q considering you posted here)
    Does the LAN port get a link (do the lights turn on)?
    You actually got xp pro on that old Presario ;)?
    If it is runnin xp pro..
    Does the LAN connection appear under My Network Places? (rt click on My Network places and go to properties)
    If so...
    Does it recognize the connection? (the little computer screens are blue and blink)
    Did you run the network setup wizard? it has a tendancy to break things, don't run it if you havent.

    As for drivers...
    Unless you mean some devices on the laptop didnt get drivers (ethernet, sound, etc) you dont need drivers to get online. If your ethernet adapter is installed you should get internet. Your router makes that possible.

    That should about do it for now :)

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