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I have a hp running windows 7, i am abale to network to my xp pr computer see and share its drives i even see the printer hplaserjet 2015, i hVe downloaded the win 7 printer drivers from hp but i can not get it to install and print. It tells me unable to install driver no matter what i do. I even tried the vista drivers and universL hp pcl6 nothing works. can anyone help. The windows 7 machine is also 64 bit.
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  1. This is sort of a quick and dirty hack, but it may be easier in the long run.

    Assuming the printer has Windows 7 64 bit print drivers available, plug the printer into the Windows 7 machine and install the print drivers LOCALLY. Now return the printer to the XP machine and try installing it on Windows 7 as a remote printer.

    What I'm hoping is that once the drivers are installed locally, it will already have them installed and properly configured for any remote printer of the same make/model.

    Again, it's a bit of a hack, but give it a try. After all, if you can't install it locally, it's certainly not going to install remotely.
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