Problem with DV avi files and Virtualdubmod, (GTS 250)

Hi all,

I'm having problems with both playing back DV avi files in Windows Media Player using overlay mode, and loading files into Virtualdubmod.

My problem with DV avi files is, when I play them back in Windows Media player, the whole system seems to lag if I try and move the WMP window around or make it full screen/go back to windowed mode. The video itself plays fine, but everything else seems to lag behind. This doesn't happen if I use high quality mode. However for other reasons I prefer to use overlay mode. No other codec has this issue.

The other issue is with virtualdubmod. When I'm using dual view mode(monitor and lcd tv), if I load files into Virtualdubmod, the computer will completely freeze for a few seconds, can't move mouse, nothing. Then it will allow me to move the mouse again, but will freeze again if I try and click anything. It will take a while, but I'm usually able to shut the program down and the computer is fine. This doesn't happen in regular virtualdub, and it doesn't happen if I set the display settings to Single monitor.

Both these issues are happening with my MSI 250 GTS 1GB vid card using the newest drivers 197.13 and the previous beta. I did not have either issue with my old 8800GTS using drivers 169.28. I had other issues with that card I was hoping to solve with this new card and new drivers. But it seems I now have a whole slew of other issues now.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Sometimes an application will sense the current GPU engine and the app will optimize for that particular GPU ...

    ... If this is the case for any of the apps in question, then a re-install, with the new card and drivers, after a complete (contrl pnl) de-install, may force re-optimization.

    ... That really would not explain the WMP issue, tho, which sounds "mode-related".

    That's all I have ... from what very little info you posted.

    Heck ... I didn't even see where you mentionned what version of Windows and WMP or what mobo/cpu/ram ...

    The card should have plenty of muscle and capacity so it is likely a software or config issue.

    = shrug ? =
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