Will this motherboard work?

Hi guys,

A mate of mine had his motherboard die on him recently and we are having a tough time finding one to replace it.

His system specs:
quad core intel cpu socket 775
nvidia 260gtx
2x2gb Corsair ddr3 1600mhz 1.8v c9 ram.

We can't find any socket 775 boards that support 1600mhz ram, so decided to go with a 1333mhz board and hope that the board will just underclock the ram and run fine. Even finding one of these seems to be tough (here in Australia anyway.) This seems to be the best we can find:

Problem is that in the system spec sheet it say it supports 1.8v ddr3 1333 ram, but then there is a revision that says it supports 1.5v ddr3 1333 ram. So going off this is it safe to say that my friends ram won't work in this board because the board won't be able to give it the 1.8v required? 1.5v is the max that the board can supply right?

Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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    Intel makes excellent boards. According to the product brief, which you can download off your link, it supports ddr3 voltage ranging from 1.35 to 1.65. The 1.8 volt rating may only be if the ram is running at 1600. I've gotten my ram to 1600 without a voltage increase, running at 1.5 using manual adjustments. Your ram has as much chance of working in this board as any other. Most ddr3 will post at 1.5 volts; If it doesn't post, try just one stick at a time, and go ahead and load windows with just one stick if you format the hardrive. Then add the other sticks later and run memtest if you have any problems with bluescreens, which is usually a ram issue.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    Sounds like a maybe? Like you said, you would think that the ram should run at less then 1.8v seeing as it would be underclocked to 1333mhz. But how much lower than 1.8v, and whether it will run at 1.65v seems like a bit of a guess.
  3. Frankly, if the ram doesn't work, it's probably cheaper now to just replace it with 1.5 volt ram than pay a premium for some motherboards. It's worth a shot.
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