Overheating issues with your new GTX4xx?

I know for a fact that SLI these two 480's RIGHT NEXT to each other is a bad idea, especially if you are all for air cooling, so does this actually affect your heat/preformance/chassis?

I would not know bec I am using a very "cool" GPU literally...Im just interested in the feedback as I would have bought a 470...
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  1. If you live in a cold place you can save on the heating bill at the expence of the electric bill.
  2. They are not out yet, therefor we have no idea.

    2 GTX 470s should do fine in SLI, but overclocking will be limited with the stock cooler.
  3. I wonder how the cut outs in the card will help this. It may allow the top card to push air into the lower card as well. Or allow air to enter from either side of the card.
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    In all the reviews, both cards use alot of power and produces alot of heat. If someone has a good case with decent air flow, a powerful psu and done mind over paying for a little performance gain over the competition, these cards are for them.

    Someone with an antec 1200 with a 1200 watt psu wouldn't care as much compared to a person with an antec 300 and a 550watt psu.

    We will have to wait and see what happens after a month of the cards release ( on shelves. )
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