Totally stumped by MASSIVE USB problems...nonfunctioning despite all.

IN a nutshell: My computer works well for everything else, but...USB is massively buggered. Won't work for nothin.

Originally, my on-board USB ports started malfunctioning and would not recognize devices. No problem. So I bought a PCI USB card. that worked for a bit too. But now...nothing.

It will not recognize any device I plug into it. It does not reconize that anything has been plugged in at all. Device manager? Well, that freezes completely on any sort of action (recan, uninstall, driver update, etc). DevCon? That's totally useless as well, freezes just the same.

The only way some devices work is if I wait until the windows splash screen, then plug them in, and then only for devices that have been installed long ago. And then, only sometimes. If I try starting the PC with the devices plugged in, windows (XP) hangs and will not start.

I have tried /sfc scannow (completes with no errors of course), windows chkdsk/scandisk, malwarebytes, combofix, you name it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. USB simply will not function, refresh, install, uninsall, nothing.

Totally boggled and annoyed. Any ideas short of total reinstall?
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  1. is the plug and play service started and automatic?
  2. That stinks of driver issues... try starting in safe mode and deleting all the drivers to all usb controllers, and let windows put the generic drivers back in place. Reboot into full windows, find out what chipset the usb controller is, and download the drivers from the chip's manufacturer's website.
    Best of luck.
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