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Please my dell optiplex GX270 is unable to detect all the drives in the system except floppy. i have change all the IDE cables but still can someone help me? Also is their any IC on the motherboard which detect this?
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  1. Old or new drives? If an old drive is failing, your system may not detect it. But first try a different power supply lead; most have extra 4 pin leads you can switch out. If it's a new drive, you may have to set the jumper (for ide only) to the slave setting when using more than one drive. Old or new drives will make a clicking noise (when failing) if your system is trying to access the drive. Or the screen will freeze up. I use maxblast 5 to detect and prep any new drive. It may ask you which windows version you're using to max out the partition size, then if you want it as a secondary or primary (boot) drive. This is a free download, or comes on the cd of newer maxtor or seagate retail boxed drives. Your board should be able to detect up to 2 drives per ide cable when both are hooked up to different optical or hardrives. If not, try a newer cable with the blue 80 pin connection, which should work on old or newer drives.
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