ATI 5770 comparison

Is there any negligible difference between

i'm particularly interested as to why for the two XFX's. Is it just the cooling solution? or is there more going on inside that card?
I'm looking to get a new video card and want to get the most for my money. Im particularly looking at the MSI, but the last one seems to be the more popular choice by far.

I might just go for a 5750 for the reduced price and power consumption.
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  1. Battle forge? That looks far from interesting enough to justify nearly 400 more reviews compared to the other cards. Not to mention you can play it for free.
    One thing I did just notice is that the MSI is PCI e2.1 and the others are 2.0, if that makes any kind of difference. My board is a 2.0.
    And the XFX is lifetime warrantee opposed to the 2/3 year for MSI, but what kind of card lasts more than 3 years anyways? lol.
  2. 2.1 doesn't make any difference than 2.0 2-3 years is a low expectancy for a card, that's just when people discard them.

    Also, nice metal-gear name.
  3. the MSI Hawk has a very nice cooler and allows you to increase the voltage of the core for higher overclocking ability. If you aren't going to get that I would just get this HIS card for $150;
    FYI going by number of reviews is mostly a very poor idea. It doesn't account for how long the product has been available at all. If you take a look the first review of the Hawk is from about a month and a half ago while the XFX card has been around for almost 4x as long.
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    Four ways to select a HD5770
    Buy the cheapest for the best performance/$
    Buy the one with the best cooler for overclocking
    Buy XFX for the best Warranty (at least in US)
    Buy the brand you like, brand loyalty.
  5. I think i'll go for the HIS, as I probably wont ever overclock it. Seems like a nice bargain too. Thanks for the help.
    One last thing..Is HIS a good brand?
  6. Yeah, they are pretty good.
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