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Hello all, i just recently purchased the p8p67 motherboard and have read of many people having issues with the bios and other things. I have already downloaded all updates for my other drives/gpu etc... I wanted to know what updates i need to apply to this mother board, the bios i was told for sure; but to 1003 or to the 1053 beta(E-Z Flash i would assume)? Also should i update the chipset as well and if so how?

As far as every other update posted on their site goes, are they the current updates applied or should i also update the lan and other drivers as well.

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  1. The main issues others and me have had has to do with the RAM speed. latest current drivers/BIOS won't fix it, but clearign the CMOS might (it did for me):

    Clear RTC RAM procedure

    1. Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord.
    2. Move the jumper cap from pins 1-2 (default) to pins 2-3. Keep the cap on pins 2-3 for about 5–10 seconds, then move the cap back to pins 1-2.

    3. Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer.
    4. Hold down the "Del" key during the boot process and enter BIOS setup to re-enter data.

    *If the steps above do not help, remove the onboard battery and move the jumper again to clear the CMOS RTC RAM data. After the CMOS clearance, reinstall the battery.
  2. Yeah i had read that somewhere, thanks. As far as the bios is concerned, should i go ahead and upgrade before anything, and if so to which one; the 1003 or 1053 beta, or should i just leave it with its current bios?
  3. I currently have the one which came with the board, I will upgrade eventually, but not while my system is stable. Iwould try to fix it first beofre upgrading BIOS, but others will rightly say to upgrade the BIOS. Basically whatever fits you best! Let me know how you get on!
  4. Alright, will the new updates allow for better ocing?
    Yeah, i will probably leave it as is, if everything is running well.
    Was just curious as to the route others took, as many seem to have issues with the original bios.
  5. I have no idea mate, haven't looking into Overcloacking at all yet, although I've heard that the current BIOS isn't having many issues if any with Over-Clocking.
  6. And in regards to current bios, are you referring to the 1003, or the 1053 beta bios
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    I've been told that the 1003 BIOS is alot more stable. I don't think I wouldrecommend updating your BIOS to a BETA version :S
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  9. haha yeah, thats how i was looking at it; thanks for the info!
  10. Anytime buddy!
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