4870X2 and a 4870 on My MOBO?


I have an Hp XW4400 Workstaion.

It has 2 Pcies, But they are very close, and It is an old 975X bases mobo.

I was wondering If I could stock a 4870X2 to go with my 4870.

Would it work?

Would it run at 8x 8x or 4x 4x or 16x 16x?

And would a QX6700 2.66ghz Intell Core 2 Quad Extreme Bottleneck a 4870 Tri?
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  1. The QX6660 will bottleneck your GPU's at 2.66 GHz running a "tri-crossfire" at high resolutions. You will need to overclock it to at least 3.4 GHz for better performance.

    Your cards will run at 16x, 16x since it is two motherboard PCI-e slots. The 4870x2 is a one slot card, so it will run at 16x and the 4870 is a one slot card, so it will run at 16x. If you were running three separate 4870's, they would run at less speed, as it is using three PCI-e slots.
  2. ^ I know, but it is a crap HP mobo from 4 years ago, I thonk its PCIe 1.0.

    And I can't OC it . (Once again, Crappy Hi got cheap)

    I might be buying a new mobo, getting tried of this crap....
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