OCZ Vertex 4 not in Bios, but in OS. Help

Hello, I recently asked a few questions about SSD's a couple days ago here, but now I actually have my SSD. I think I've done everything I should have, plugged the SSD in to the PSU and the sata port, but for some reason my UEFI/bios isn't recognizing the SSD. However, when I get into windows using my old boot drive, it's in the Disc Management program as unallocated space. What do I do here? I've had some experience with this before with HDD's but I think I'm a bit rusty. Do I do the right click> new simple volume thing that I did with my HDD? or is that a no no for some reason? Would that magically make the SSD appear in the Bios or what? Please Help.
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  2. Asrock p67 Extreme4. Havn't done the suggestions yet from that post though. If they work then cool but IDk. I'll update if not.
  3. To everybody who helped me: Thanks a lot guys! I got everything working clean and shiny like! 1 pro SSD and 2 500 gig HDD's in Raid 0. Lovin' it.
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