Gigabyte HD 5830????

I found what I think is a pretty good deal off of a local add on craigslist, the person is selling a gigabyte hd 5830 for $200 bucks. It is still new in the box never opened. Newegg has this card currently going for $250. The only problem is I cant find one single review on this particular model anywhere out there. Yeah there are lots of 5830 reviews but none that ive found on this particular gigabyte. Im wondering if anyone around here knows anything about it. I put the newegg card link on here for reference. Ive never owned any gigabyte cards before, but thier mobos have always done fairly well for me.
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  1. Gigabyte is no worse than any other brand so just look at the other reviews. For $200 it is priced right.
  2. That Gigabyte cards looks good to me. It's a reliable brand. For the price it is a good deal. Go for it.
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