Hello, I've got the Phenom II 1055T and the Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 i'm looking for a good Ram to this new rig, was going to have Mushkin DDR3 1600 at 6-8-6-24 timings

i'm asking if anyone have these Ram and working with it fine, in addition i want to know if i gotta leave it rated as 1600 or underclock it to 1333 acording to IMC of phenom ii, and how to get CPU:RAM 1:1

thx in advance
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  1. how ? 1333 @ default ? why ?
  2. as i mentioned before 890FXA-UD5 it's of course capable, but it wasn't my question
    read my question well and tell me if u understand
  3. so how do u explain that 90% of people are using ddr3 1600 MHz with their phenoms, what do u use yourself ? and simply if phenoms only support 1333 why would Gigabyte and other Vendors make MOBOs support up to 2133 MHz or less wit the basic phenoms if they know that it could damage the CPU
    sounds very frustrated
  4. DDR3 Modules is designed to take 1.5V of RAM according to Gigabyte manual and Mushkin RAM is designed to operate on 1.6 Volt and OCZ is designed to operate on 1.86 V and 1.65V... would it be a dangerous thing to put 1.8V on 1.5 Volt modules ? should i adjust settings in BIOS ?
  5. yes, QVL lists a lot of RAMS that are 1.6V and 1.5V and 1.65 and even 1.8V
  6. yea both Mushkins and OCZ platinum DDR3 are included in the QVL list, but Muskins different Modules but both same volt
  7. but i was mistaken, NON of QVL RAMs is 1.8V all of them 1.65V and 1.5V and gigabyte wrote 4 DIMMS 1.5V on their manual
  8. Ratio between CPU FSB and DRAM frequency 1:1
  9. Haha now i remember being an old fruit here.
  10. I have a problem with putting Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB ram on Asus M4A87TD EVO. When I install it, it just shows the DRAM_LED, is it because the memory isn't compatable, I'm not sure. What can I do? Sorry this is my first build.
  11. Did you try other sticks, other RAM brand ?
  12. I got a new MB now I have BOOT_DEVICE LED.
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