External harddrive problem! :( helps!

My external HDD is not doing well! It sounds like its spinning. It does come up under my computer. But when i try to move files off of it, like my videos and songs, itll transfer like half of the file and stop responding! :(

I opened it up * the external HDD casing* I plugged some other HDDS into it and it boots up fine. Which leads me to think the USB cord and power supply are fine. And that its something with this drive.

Its pretty old! and Id love to get my files off there before it tottally dies!

What can i dO!?

Update ...now its coming up just as "local disk J" And when i click it , it wants me to format it :(
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  1. incase anyone has the same problem i did, I was able to retrieve the files I needed by unplugging it a million times and plugging it back in and using Knoppixx boot disc and transfering files through there
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