Issue after unlocking phenom II 555...

Hi all,
I just got my new rig today and it really, really brought me down when I came to the part of unlocking.

My specs:
Silverstone GD05
Asrock 880gmh/usb3
AMD phenom II x2 555
ADATA gaming series 2x4gb ddr3 1600 ram
Samsung spinpoint F3 1tb
Galaxy GTX 470 GC
Cooler Master silent pro 600w

Before unlocking, I installed windows 7 ultimate x64 successfully and updated every latest drivers, even for the bios (version 1.3)
After that, I tried to change the ACC mode in the bios to AUTO, then the desktop restarted and never went to bios again.

I don't know what to do now, since the power led still lights up, all fans running properly yet my monitor cannot receive any signal (yes, I cannot even get into bios now) and my usb keyboard cannot light up, too.

Is there any chance that my CPU is dead? And what should I do now? :(

All suggestions are much appreciated.
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    try resetting the BIOS by removing the cmos battery
  2. Would that clear everything I have installed so far?
  3. And does that mean that my phenom II 555 cannot unlock? :(
  4. Apparently you found the reason why your Phenom II X2 was sold as such. It has a bad core or two. Resetting the BIOS will bring the motherboard back to default settings.
  5. ct1615 said:
    you took the risk, there is no guarantee it will unlock.

    Yeah, I understood the risk and now I get what I paid for.
    But still, you gotta feel kind of let down when ur not in the 2/3 of those who successfully unlocked. :D

    Anyway, would resetting the bios clear away my windows 7 and all those drivers installed?
  6. no resetting the bios only sets your bios to default settings, everything you have installed will still be on your harddrive :)
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  8. ct1615 said:
    don't know if the figure is that high, you tend to hear more from those who did unlock it then who didn't. most people don't brag about not being able to unlock

    resetting the BIOS will just set everything back to factory settings on your motherboard. it wont touch win7, your drivers, or anything else on your HDD.

    Sounds right, never thought about it that way.

    Thanks a bunch, you all. I'll try to figure things out like you all suggested and post the result. ;)
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