Would this be a good option if I can't get a sound card?

The only 2 PCI-E slots on my motherboard are being taken up by my graphics card, so all I'm left to choose from are USB headsets.

I've been getting sick of all the crackly-poppy noises my onboard soundchip or whatever you'd call has when there's too many sounds at once. So I've started looking into USB headsets, and the one I linked to looks like the best one so far.

Does that one look good, or would I be better off with a different one? I'm not too good with audio stuff :/
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  1. I recently threw a pair of creative 'phones in the garbage before I had paid the bill for them,,spend a little more and get some better ones,put your favourite search engine to work for you and see what is most used at a reasonable cost..BTW no standard pci available,[on mobo]???.:)
  2. U can buy a usb sound card creative labs has a cool notebook one, or if you have a mainboard with onboard audio another option exists to buy a Headphones with built-in dsp.
  3. Is PCI avaliable? Plenty of solid PCI options remain on the market (ASUS Xonar D1 is still better then any Creative offering...3 years later...)

    Also, avoid USB "sound cards". They mearly allow for standard 3.5mm devices to operate through the USB audio stack, and frankly, the quality is horrible, even compared to onboard devices.
  4. PCI-X is limited to 133mhz 64bit around 266MB of Bandwith. PCI-E :bounce: One Lane of Bandwith! Asus Xonar Looks pretty good as an add-on which would you used PCI for Killer NIC Networking card! Or if needed you can swap them depending on utilization of memory requirements.
    v1.x: 250 MB/s
    v2.x: 500 MB/s
    v3.0: 1 GB
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