Replacing nVidia with 5850 and have drivers question

I just recieved an XFX Radeon 5850 I had ordered. I am replacing a PNY nvidia GeForce 9600 GT. What program should I use, if any, beyond the uninstall routine for the nVidia drivers? Is there anywhere I should look for any remnant for the nVidia drivers before installing the ATI ones and if there is a 3rd party program to remove remnants of drivers should I use it in place of the nVidia driver uninstall or after I use the nVidia uninstall. Also, what version of ATI drivers should I use and where is the best place to get them? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Pretty much follow the directions right here.

    Even a link to the program you will need.
  2. First of all remove the Nvidia driver from control panel then follow this steps for a clean uninstall:
    1_Download and install Driver sweeper from here:
    2_Boot to safe mode and open driver sweeper and click on "Nvidia" and then click on Clean
    3_Boot normal to windows and install the latest ATI driver(it requires a reboot when its finished)
  3. Thank you so much for the replies. Where is the best place to download 5850 drivers and what version should i get?
  4. Go right here and follow the links for the 5850.

    Use the newest version. Download and save it then use the driver cleaner. Then it will be right there to install.
  5. The Catalyst driver link or the graphics driver link?
  6. Full Catalyst suite.
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