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I've got a compaq with a 250W power supply and I'd like to upgrade it. I've built many machines before and I'm very comfortable with hardware. However I've never replaced a power supply before so I'm not sure how to tell if a new one will "fit" the old one. Are all mb power connectors standard? And are all PS physical sizes ( not wattage) standard?

Thanks in advance.
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    Motherboard power connectors follow ATX or EPS standards, and generally speaking all modern PSUs have the same connections. The physical sizes for ATX PSUs are standard, I'm not fully sure whether a regular sized ATX PSU will fit into a µATX case.
  2. Old OEM systems from Compaq, Dell and etc had special PSU's (special connectors) Newer OEM systems have std connectors it is more a matter what form factor the PC is. For example a mini tower accepts an ATX size PSU. The physical size varies especially on the length since the mounting is std for ATX.
  3. forgive me but what's a uATX case? I'm looking at the pictures on their site and it looks like every other PS I've seen before.
  4. stratch that -- it's a uATX.
    now to find a uATX somewhere....
  5. uATX = microATX, a smaller version of the standard case.
    What model of HP do you have? You can check the HP forums to see what others have successfully used to upgrade PSUs of the same model HP.
  6. ok found them. under mATX (thought the original reply with uATX is a better representation) ;)
  7. the hp is a compaq CQ5320F.

    and thank you all for your help.
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