Why is my computer asking me to insert the system disk and press enter


I have windows 98, and yes I know that is old, but I cannot afford to upgrade at this time. What can I do to fix my problem. When I turn on my computer it say boot failed insert system disk and press enter. I do not have the disk for window 98 and friend of mine put this all together for me and now no longer lives here in NY. I can not find windows 98. What can I do?
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  1. For some reason, the machine appears not to be detecting your Hard Drive. Go into the BIOS and check boot order and see if it's detecting the HD.
  2. What he said.

    With the age of this system (supposedly pre-2000) it would be no surprise if the hard drive crashed.

    You may not be able to upgrade to current, but I'd bet you could hit up craigslist for a 5~ish year old computer for $50 or $100. Heck I've even got one that I'm stuck with.
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