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I am in the market for a new, simple, and well-cooled case for my seven year old XP machine. I have found an excellent offer for the Cooler Master Elite 330 case. My question (and yes I read all the specs I could find) is this:

How many fans can one affix to the CM Elite 330 case and which size fans fit?

I am aware that the case has two spots for fans but it seems that more than one size (120mm) works.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    I belief both locations are drilled for 80mm, 90mm and 120mm fans. An additional fan can be easily affixed to the side panel.
  2. i believe rolli is correct, both the front and back have holes for 80,90,120mm fans. Looks like you can stick a 90mm by the video card side panel. take off the duct and place a 80mm up by the CPU.
  3. +1^ for rolli59 & ct1615

    I have a CM Elite 335 and both the intake and exhaust are threaded for 80mm. 90mm and 120mm like rolli said.

    You can definitely remove the duct and place and 80mm by the CPU like ct1615 said. Although there are no holes meant specifically for screws by the GPU vent you probably could stick another fan there and thread it through the exhaust holes.
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