How to backup boot drive onto storage?

Hey, I was wondering if there is an easy way to copy everything from my 60GB SSD (boot drive) onto my 1TB HDD (storage drive). I'm doing a firmware update on the SSD and it's good practise to have everything backed up, just in case. Obviously I don't want to start booting off the HDD and I don't want to erase anything already on it, and google isn't giving me the right questions when I ask. SO, help, please?
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  1. You need to create a "Disk Image" which is essentially a large file which contains all the partition information, folders & files of the drive you've created an image of.

    If you're running Windows 7 it already has this capability built-in.
    Control Panel >> Backup & Restore.
    If you use that method, don't forget to create a "System Disc" as well so you can boot from it to perform a restore from the image.

    If you don't have Windows 7, there are several third-party applications which do the same thing, but I can only the recommend the one I trust:
    Active@ Disk Image:

    Although I do have Windows 7, I prefer to use Active@ Disk Image because it's much more versatile than Windows Backup & Restore.
  2. Just tried, I get an error telling me that a system image cannot save onto a drive that windows is installed on or the computer boots from, when neither of these statements are true...
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