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I have 4gb 2x2 of A-Data DDR3 1600 ram, running at 1600mhz. I am beginning to try to lower timings as much as possible, I have it stable down to 8-8-8-22 1T so far, but I don't know what to do with all of the other timings. Is there a basic guideline I could use to start out with like timings for cas 9, 8, 7 etc. Or do you just have to try lowering the numbers and running Memtest?
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  1. Lower the numbers until unstable then come back a notch and run memtest.
  2. The 1st one is the most important there, so, try lowering one by one and testing.
  3. Typically, I don't mess around with the Command Rate, an my best guess it's 2N.

    Next raise the Frequency; most of the time you can get away with 1600-> 1800 MHz if you have a good set of RAM {e.g. Dominator} and/or with good cooling. If you have 1.65v you may need to use DRAM Voltage 1.68~1.72+v, and raise the QPI/DRAM -> 1.32~1.38+v.

    Yes, run Memtest and before checking off as okay run Memtest at least 2 passes, and Prime95. In my case, I run Prime95 overnight and with 'big' RAM OC I run Memtest overnight as well.

    Test the increases with Super PI - http://virgilioborges.com.br/hyperpi/

    Good Luck!
  4. Okay guys thanks for the advice, that's pretty much what I figured. One more question, I remember about 10 months ago I heard something about an issue with the latest version of memtest and 4+Gb of memory. Does anybody know anything about that and is it fixed in the latest version?
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