New Laptop sata hdd not showing pls help!!

Hi, my laptop sata hard drive died so i purchased a new one, when i powered on my laptop i went into bios and the hard drive was no where to be found???

Ive tried running the windows 7 disk to see if it appears there but still nothing, ive even tried plugging it into my desktop and still nothing pls help
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  1. "New Laptop sata hdd not showing pls help!!"

    If it's a new laptop it will still be covered by warranty so put in a claim to the manufacturer.
  2. You should test the hard drive in an USB external enclosure to be sure it's working.

    Your old drive, are you sure it died? And it's not the laptop's fault somehow? You should test that one too.
  3. The hdd must be set up first. Do u have the set up disk that came with it? Is it WD, Seagate, ????? They have free software downloadable from their web sites. Partition and format the drive, then it will show up.
  4. Completely forgot i posted this :) was a dodgy hdd from shop sent it back got another working great thanks
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