Bios problem ? Help needed

Hey guys

My computer seems to be having some real problems. Earlier today I had explorer crash out on me, so I sighed and restarted her, and now whenever I reboot the machine, it hangs on the bios splash for a LONG time. I can get to BIOS ok and even boot fine into windows, but it halts on the splash for a solid two minutes or so, and thats just not cool.

Up until now, no worries at all, just a few seconds on the splash then through into windows.

Any ideas whats happening here ?

My board is an Asus P5KPL-AM SE and its been fine for over a year. It's literally just today that its screwing with me.
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  1. Start by resetting BIOS to defaults.
  2. Ok, I cleared the BIOS, and now that part seems to be ok. However, I'm getting some other problems now. Explorer is being seriously temperamental, and not just crashing but locking the whole system up for no obvious reason...

    How worried should I be ?

    Additional -

    Its now about the 5th time through this sequence:

    Turn on
    Boot into windows
    Open up my computer
    Within a handful of clicks, a full system lock up... Can't Ctrl + Alt + Del or anything. Mouse still moves, but thats all. I can't interact with anything.
  3. Could be that you have a corrupt Windows install. Try a repair install.
  4. Try booting into safe mode and see how it goes. You should also be able to set dubug in the bios and see what is hanppening when the system boots up.

    Try deleting your graphics driver and let windows install a default one.
  5. Try running the Windows disk checking program first.
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