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I know that Intel will drop the price in August, core i7 950 will be $ 260 so how much core i7 930 prices in August ?
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  1. I read that the i7 950 will drop to i7 930s current price of $294.
    But I dont think anyone expects the 930 to drop by as large a percentage. If you want guesses I'd say $249.
    Or maybe they'll phase out the 930s and leave the 950 at the entry level CPU on socket 1366?
  2. most likely knowing intel they will EOL the i7 930, but used i7 920 prices will plummit, yay for me
  3. The 930 already routinely sells for $200 at Microcenter, so maybe they'll drop the price a fair amount.
  4. MicroCenter will still get customers at their present price level of $200 - besides, their customer service and walk-in tech support is great!
  5. The 930 couldn't drop much. At $200 they have their i5, if they dropped the 930 even close to that they would be competing with their own product(not to mention the i7's on 1156 socket). They're probably just going to phase the 930 out, so that they can keep their current prices on the other socket.

    I wonder if this is a response to AMD's 6 core selling so well? The 930 hasn't been out all that long, yet it's being lowered in price/replaced so quickly.
  6. Yeah. i7 for 120$? Ya kidding me :)

    They'll probably drop 930 price to 185$ or so. And if they do that they'll need to drop i5-750 (or 760, it will come out soon this July) to 110-115$. But that would probably be the i5-760, and Intel will eventually discount the 750.
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