Difference between smart ftp and filezilla

I am ingnorant when it comes to ftp, i didn't understand filezilla! is smart ftp easier than filezilla?
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    What's easier is a subjective. They're basically the same (and have to be since they implement a standard protocol, FTP). But they tend to throw in every option and command possible in an attempt to be thorough. And that can be overwhelming for someone just wanting to do the basics (find a server, get a file, put a file).

    If you have VERY basic needs, your Internet browser is probably sufficient. You can type the FTP server’s address in the browser’s address bar (e.g., and do basic functions (login (if required), browse the file system, get and put files, etc.), assuming you are authorized, of course. So that might be the easiest. The browser only proves limiting when you need to do more complex operations, do things in batch or scheduled basis, etc.
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  3. Thank you eibgrad great informations!
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