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im planning on buying a p8p67 pro mobo with my 2500k processor. This board seems great however one major concern I have is with the giant heatsinks surrounding the cpu socket.
I want to use either:
but the huge heatsinks look like they would get in the way.

Could someone who owns a p8p67 pro tell me if the coolers i listed above will fit on the mobo? I plan on pushing the air out of my rear exhaust.

also im considering getting the asrock extreme4 motherboard if my coolers fit on that instead of the p8p67 pro

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    this is a link to the rest of my build if you are interested
  2. I've seen the Thermalright Venomous X - RT used on the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe which has the same VRM heatsinks that the P8P67 PRO has and more.
  3. awesome, do you perhaps know how high the heatsinks are on the p8p67 pro?
  4. my choice cooler is actually the thermaltake frio, i was settling for less because of size issues.
    does anyone know if that will fit?
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    In the following image you can see the height of the heatsinks relative to the back panel connectors:

    ASUS' engineers would have taken into account that many of their customers will use a third party CPU air-cooling solution so the VRM heatsinks would have been made very low profile.

    Reviews of that motherboard model have said that there is ample room for third-party coolers.
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